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The Notes


Prusa i3 printer. I bought the knock off, but now hotbed issues ….

Yes I’m aware that most engineers these days are taught in metric and that NASA has begun using metric. I’m old school engineer style so I use imperial


Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’. This has obviously been challenged, disrupted, and reimplemented in different words.

A list of travel banned countries:

  1. Yemen
  2. Sudan
  3. Somalia
  4. Syria
  5. Iran
  6. Iraq
  7. Libya

Run Marty, its the libyans!

[Citation Needed] for immigrant attacks:

This is from wikipedia folks, labeling it as terrorism in the United States. ISIS succesffuly using refugees for sleeper cells.

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, was confirmed with Mike Pence casting tie breaker vote after senate rules were changed to allow a simple majority for her confirmation. These senate rule changes were actually instituted by the Democrats during Obama’s presendential terms.

Biden\Thurmond Rule. TL;DR: It first sort of showed up in 1968 and is applied when liked for political purposes. It was applied by Republicans against Obama after Justic Antonin Scalia’s untimely death. We were wrong, and it wasn’t applied against George HW Bush:

All 10 of the judgeships were eventually filled with Clinton nominees, although one nominee, Roger Gregory, was nominated by Clinton and then renominated by President George W. Bush. None of the nominees were nominated after July 1, 1992, the traditional start date of the unofficial Thurmond Rule during a presidential election year.

Citation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_H._W._Bush_judicial_appointment_controversies

NFA petition on WhiteHouse.Gov. Hughes Act petition.

Consult your lawyers, but a vertical fore-grip on AR15 pistol qualifies as a Any Other Weapon. Apparently, a angled foregrip is not the same.

Shouldering an AR15 pistol. Consult your lawyers\ATF folks. This one is contentious. Go with the spirit of the law, even if the letter of the law says its okay.

Medical Advice to Kill You

All advice is offered in good spirit and believed to be correct. It is not our fault if you follow our bad (car) advice

ITS Medkit

Quick-Clot Shell fish allergy. Looks like the newest generation DOES NOT contain shellfish protiens. Check your labels. These things (tourniquets and quick clot) are meant for situations where pressure won’t stop bleeding. Don’t use this if you can obviously control the bleeding with pressure.

MARC priority tree.

American Red Cross on CPR

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